Tito Documentation

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Attendee Management

Tito gives you a simple way to view, browse, search and filter your attendees. You can also add attendees manually.

Hit Attendees to access the attendee list.

You can view an individual attendee’s ticket by clicking on their name.

Re-send the ticket email

Hit the email icon to re-send the confirmation email to the attendee. You can review the contents of the email and hit “Send” to deliver the mail.

Editing Attendee Details

Hit Edit to edit attendee details. Any answers to questions attached to the ticket can be edited here too.

Ticket Details

The ticket detials shows you an overview of the ticket.

  • Number Is the serial number of the ticket, according to the order the ticket was purchased.
  • Reference Is a unique four or five character reference code for the ticket. The ticket reference will be identical to the order reference, except when there were multiple tickets in an order, in which case it will be the order reference, followed by a serial number. eg. TRYM-1
  • Type This is the type of ticket that the customer registered, as specified in the Tickets section
  • Date This is the date that the ticket was created.
  • Secret Customer Link This is the link that the customer can use to view, print, and modify their ticket.

If a ticket has questions attached, the Responses will show up on this view.

You can also access the order details from this view.

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