Mapping Historical Boundaries in the Digital Age

Mapping Historical Boundaries in the Digital Age

by Scott Lloyd

Medieval Wales was divided into kingdoms, cantrefs and commotes, as well as parishes, townships, and manors. These boundaries have changed over time and this process can be understood through the skilful use of maps, charters, land grants, perambulations and landscape archaeology, exploiting the vast archives available for the study of Welsh history. Digital techniques can allow us to accurately map these boundaries and their changes in more detail than ever before. This talk will discuss how we go about this process and some of the many complexities involved!

This research forms a major part of the Deep Mapping Estate Archives project, funded by the AHRC, led by the Institute for the Study of Welsh Estates at Bangor University and in partnership with the Royal Commission and Aberystwyth University, National Library of Wales, and the North East Wales Archives.

13 January, 2022, 5pm

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