Friday June 24th and ongoing monthly Webinar Series



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Virtual Keynote with Sharon Steed: "Developing Sustainable Empathy Systems" 12 noon - 1:15pm ET

Empathy is a core component of teamwork. In order to create inclusive cultures that can sustain diversity, you must make a sincere effort to understand those around you and know how to effectively communicate with them in order to be achieve great things. That perspective garnered from taking the time to understand others highly correlates with success. But what if you don’t know where you’re succeeding when engaging empathy and where you need a bit of help? If you’re not sure the exact ways to communicate with empathy and feel more connected to those on your team? Or when you’ve nailed how to truly garner perspective, you’re not sure how to make those behaviors endure for the long haul?

Contribution Event: “Drupal - Project Browser Initiative" 1:30pm - 3:30pm ET

This is YOUR chance to contribute to the Drupal project. Everyone, including site builders, UX/UI, designers, accessibility experts, back-end coders and those new to Drupal are welcome.

  • One focus will be on proposing updates to the information on the Drupal.org project pages so that folks using the Project Browser will receive helpful information to help them select projects (Modules) to add to their website. Join us to create and review logos, propose short non-technical descriptions, add categories to search by, test the prototype Project Browser, give UX feedback, etc.."

  • Another focus will be on building the Project Browser. Join fellow Drupal developers as they discuss alternatives and work on the front-end and back-end code"

Ongoing - Monthly Webinar series (details to be announced throughout the year). We hold an hour long webinar monthly on Wednesday at 12:00pm ET