CFP and Bio Writing Workshops

Make sharing your skills a new goal for the year and we'll help you achieve it! Whether you're considering submitting for a conference or need to update your bio for your profile, DDD has the workshops for you.

With multiple dates available and both in person and online options, there's now one less excuse to give it a go!

CFP Writing Workshop

Events or conferences looking for speakers start a process called "Call for Proposals". This is an invitation for anyone interested in taking part to submit their idea for a talk or workshop. Proposals are an outline of what you'd like to talk about and helps organisers choose talks for their events.

This workshop is designed to help you brainstorm ideas for talk and then build them out into fully fledged talk proposals. With a team of experts to help review and improve, you can leave the workshop with proposal options ready to submit!

Bio Writing Workshop

Somehow we need to sum ourselves up in 1-2 paragraphs, incorporating all of our best achievements and describing who we are to people we haven't met, not at all daunting.

This workshop is designed to help you to not only craft that personal statement, but feel good about what it says. We'll also touch on where you can showcase your bio – on a speaker page, personal website or LinkedIn profile – and what else you can include to showcase your amazing superpowers!


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