CyprusJS Limassol

The CyprusJS event for people interested in JavaScript and related technologies.

Please note that the registration for this event is required, see Tickets section below.


  • 19.00h - Reception & Welcome
  • 19.30h - Talk "Best upcoming features and approaches of Yarn 2" by Victor Vlasenko
  • 20.00h - Talk "Svelte 3 - framework + compiler = ❤️" by Vladislav Orlov
  • 20.30h - Socialising & Networking with drinks!


Best upcoming features and approaches of Yarn 2

Victor Vlasenko, CEO at SysGears, Yarn v2 contributor

On an upcoming event in Limassol I would like to tell about soon to be released Yarn 2 package manager, its best upcoming features and new approaches:

  • Plugins
  • Built-in shell for cross-platform scripts
  • Zero-installs
  • Zip loading
  • New plug'n'play module resolution scheme
  • Nested workspaces
  • New workspace foreach command
  • Node_modules compatibility layer

Svelte 3 - framework + compiler = ❤️

Vladislav Orlov, Senior JavaScript Developer at MetaQuotes

I'd like to tell about Svelte 3 and about our experience of use it in production. In this talk I will:

  • tell about Svelte's unique compiler which generates optimised JS files;
  • compare it with React;
  • consider all the pros and cons;
  • and other cool stuff...