CraftHub - Stretch Online Conference

Stretch is a conference dedicated to leadership and management. This will be the 8th year we organizing the event which will take place on 2-4 December.

Hence the current remote circumstances, this will be an online conference. We aim to create an interesting and exciting event, experimenting with various ways to grab our audience's attention and keep them engaged during all three days.

Other than just talks, we would like to have more roundtable discussions, debates, Q&A sessions, and even remote team building activities. We have a 3 days long event with a shorter, top of 5 hours program each day.

In 2020, we realized that we're living in a strange new world. We would like to figure out together what will the future bring to us, and what kind of leaders we need to achieve this future. The idea is the following:

  • Day1: Today’s Challenges: taking on the reality of today, and giving a toolset for leaders that allow them to make an immediate, positive impact. We discuss topics that organizations can use immediately, reflecting on current challenges, related to COVID. From how challenges like having efficient 1:1 sessions to how to build teams online. From online onboarding to helping low performers. Keynote expected to be from Rands.
  • Day 2: “You might say I’m a dreamer…”: setting the stage for the future and exploring how organizations will evolve in the coming years, and decade, for the better. Keynote expected to be Otti Vogt
  • Day 3: Managing change: one thing that will stay with us for the next year or two is rapid change. This day connects Day 1 and Day 2, touching on topics about how organizations can start making experiments in moving towards the future.


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