Gas Condensate Reservoirs - What's Important and Why? | 1-Day Course (split into 2 days) | 2024

Gas Condensate Reservoirs - What's Important and Why? - 1-day Course (split into 2 days)

The course is held over 2 days.

Course dates: 28-29 August 2024

Course time: 8 am - 11 am Central Time (USA) | 3 pm - 6 pm Central European Time

Course Description

This course gives a review of the key elements dictating recovery and well performance of gas condensate reservoirs. Each data is put in the context of their importance to specific mechanisms of recovery and flow behavior. Phase behavior important to gas cycling projects is also covered. Modeling gas condensate reservoir fluid systems with an equation of state is discussed, as is EOS modeling of complex fluid systems with compositional variations.

Course Outline & Topics

The following topics will be covered

  • Flow Regions in Gas Condensate Wells
  • Gas Condensate Fundamentals
  • Wet gas vs dry gas moles and volumes
  • Inplace Volumes and Recovery Factors
  • Gas Condensate PVT - What is important and why?
  • Gas Condensate PVT Sampling
  • Gas Condensate EOS Modeling
  • Gas Condensate Blockage

Other topics can be covered upon request.

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