Pre-Seed Start Fund

If you're applying to the Pre-Seed Start Fund, this workshop is a must-attend event.

Furthr will host a virtual workshop for the upcoming Pre-Seed Start Fund call. The workshop will offer applicants a deeper understanding of the Pre-Seed Start Fund process and Enterprise Ireland's requirements for a successful application. For further information on the support, day check out our website. 

There will be a max of 20 people per session.

  • Date: Tuesday 4th October 2022
  • Session : From 2:30 PM to 4:00 PM
  • Location: Online using Zoom (link will be available upon booking)

Applicants should ideally be able to demonstrate the following

Ideally (though not essential) have a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) or live in Beta and that the product or service has early demonstrable customer validation.

  1. fully articulated proposition addressing a clear opportunity with market research conducted with customers/potential customers.
  2. clear execution plan outlined, clearly identifying key milestones to be achieved such as identifying suitable channels to international markets or technical product development roadmap.
  3. Evidence of innovation, internationalisation potential and employment capacity, clear international market opportunity for the proposed product or service, clear knowledge of the international competitive landscape.
  4. team with experience, domain knowledge and balance of skills (Tech, Commercial, etc.) and commitment to execute on the plan.

For more information and to check eligibility, check here