Colors of Hope Retreat October 2022

Meet us in the mountains!

Gather with LGBTQ+ people of faith and allies from across the Church to hope in color and enjoy the colorful foliage at Christmount with the Disciples LGBTQ+ Alliance. By engaging the spiritual practices from the devotional journal Colors of Hope, you will be encouraged and equipped to embody your faith—and queer your spirituality. With an emphasis on connection over content, you are invited to join the book’s editor and authors to wonder, resist, embody, create, hope, stretch, and share.

Learn and unlearn and rest

Sessions, sermons, spiritual practices, and conversation with Tyler Heston, William DeShay C. Jackson, Melissa Guthrie, Brendan Y. Boone, Allen V. Harris, and Marian Edmonds-Allen. More featured guests to be added!

Along with programmed opportunities: intentional space for rest, restoration, and restorying.

About the Book

Colors of Hope: A Devotional Journal from LGBTQ+ Christians draws upon the iconic Pride flag and raises a call to embody our beliefs. The book is an expansive resource for personal growth and collective change. “Hoping in color” brings the joy, beauty, and power of the rainbow to life.

About AllianceQ

The Disciples LGBTQ+ Alliance supports lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and gender-diverse people of faith, educates and equips faith communities for understanding, affirming, and including LGBTQ+ persons, and collaborates with ecumenical partners for intersectional justice work.