#GDCR22 Global Day of Coderetreat 2022 Zürich

Global Day of Coderetreat is a day of learning - we pair program (always with different partners) in a series of increasingly difficult tasks. A perfect way to learn cool new stuff.

We'll be pair programming throughout the day, on a small problem, always from scratch. Please bring a laptop with your favourite development environment(s) set up for the language(s) you are comfortable with or are interested in trying. There will be six sessions during the day, with varying pairs, so you'll have ample choice in languages and environments.

A test-driven development style will be called for at least once, so please also make sure to have the necessary test frameworks/harnesses/environments in place. A blank hello-world workspace with a working test is a good starting point. Also, please have a version control system (git, hg, svn, etc.) ready to roll, for we may do a session where speedy commit/rollback will be part of the exercise.

Location: Ergon AG, Merkurstrasse 43, Zuerich

Coffee and Gipfeli: 08.30

Start: 09.00

Finish: 18.00 (followed by some beers)