uncodebar Scotland

We are so excited to be bringing uncodebar to Glasgow. Uncodebar is our one-day unconference that encourages the codebar community to come together, share knowledge, and strengthen the community that supports our workshops.



November 18th, 2023

10:30am – 5:00pm UTC

Additional Information

What is an unconference?

An unconference is a "loosely structured open space event emphasising the informal exchange of information and ideas between participants".

At an unconference:

  • no topics predetermined,
  • no keynote speakers invited,
  • no panels or working groups arranged

Who can lead a session?

This is an opportunity for anyone to propose and run a session on the day - in the supportive environment that codebar is known for.  We're counting on people attending to make some amazing sessions happen. Of course, not everyone needs to prepare something but we encourage all levels to think about the topics/sessions they are interested in. We welcome sessions from first-time and seasoned speakers, there is no better setting to practice that talk you had in mind for a while. This is a 100% participant-driven event: we're only going to suggest time slots and spaces, and in the morning, you'll pitch sessions and snag slots on the schedule.

What kinds of sessions are suitable?

As this is an unconference, you can decide what type of session you want to run: workshops, talks, discussions, etc are all welcome. Topics can include anything related to web development, software development, game development, learning, mentoring, community, and many more. This event is what you make of it - the organisers will be present to make sure you're engaged and entertained.

See you there!