The Path Ahead - Year 2 and Beyond

The Path Ahead: is a series of virtual events brought to you by codebar and You Got This that explore the different stages of a software developer's career, from getting started to becoming a tech leader.

Year 2 and Beyond is the third and final in our series of events, where they'll be talks focused on what happens once you are a few years into your career. Do you start looking into leadership roles, or do you start your own company.

Talks include :

  • From Code to Command: Navigating the Management Ladder in Tech - Vahid Panjganj
  • Beyond the Basics: Accelerating Your Career in a Startup - Nikki Christofi
  • Aligning Your Skills With Company Success - Adam Hogarty



December 7th, 2023

6:00pm – 8:00pm UTC