An Evening with Pragmatic Bookshelf - 2nd Author Edition

Please join us virtually for an evening with Pragmatic bookshelf authors Ashley Peacock and Dave Thomas.

Both of these talks will be done online using Zoom. To attend, please RSVP and all attendees will be emailed details about how you can join the session. The first talk will kick off at 5PM (GMT).

Ashley Peacock : "An Intro to Building Cloud Apps with Cloudflare"

This talk introduces new engineers to Cloud computing using Cloudflare. Compared to AWS, Cloudflare is easier to grasp and a much gentler introduction. We'll cover the platform at a high-level followed by a live demo and a Q&A, time permitting.

Dave Thomas : "Working in a Post-Agile World"

The pundits have spoken: Agile is indeed dead. OK, so what do we do? Some people want to revert back to having layers of signed-off formal specifications. These people were clearly not programming when we tried this for the first time. Instead, we have to move forward. I've been thinking about this since 2015, and I'm beginning to form an answer, and it involves you; all of you. I'll talk for a while, then hopefully we can discuss it together.

If you have any questions, please drop us an email at

Pragmatic Bookshelf have kindly given codebar community members a promo code. Use "codebar2024" for 40% off from June 10th through and including June 16th. PLEASE NOTE: The Pragmatic Programmer: 20th Anniversary Edition ebook is never eligible for any of our sales, as we are not that book's publisher and have no control over its pricing.


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