CTC25 - Creating and Sharing Openly

At what will be our milestone 25th hack weekend we will be looking at what is involved in creating and sharing products openly. This might be data, information, images, software code or even hardware. 

We'll have some existing projects that you can join, some new projects that you can be part of the team on, or you can bring your own challenges that you would like to work on. 

Whichever route you go down, the determining factors is openness - open licensing, transparency, sharing and re-use. 


Additional Information

After some consideration, we have decide to run this hack event as online only. We will reinstate a physical version at our next hack weekend. This should not negatively impact on the weekend - as we've run six consecutive hacks, and a conference, fully online.

With such a range of candidate projects - please don't be put off by the format. Sign up, take part, have fun, and make some impact!