CTC21 - Put your city on the map

We're back with our 21st Hack Weekend. This time our focus is on mapping and the use of geographic / geospatial tools to make better sense of our localities.

It will be run over the weekend of  28 and 29 November 2020 and fully on Zoom - with pitching sessions, project formation and breakout rooms, pretty much as we would do a regular CTC event. We'll update webpage as more details are released.

Grab a ticket now and put your talents to work on some fascinating projects!

Anyone attending agrees to our standard participation agreement


Additional Information

This will be a weekend-long online hack event.

Bring your skills, knowledge and experience to work on some fascinating challenges and opportunities posed by the use of mapping tools and platforms.

  • share your ideas,
  • team up with others,
  • learn new techniques for getting stuff done,
  • contribute data to existing platforms,
  • crowd-source some useful data and
  • create some rapid prototypes of what we put our cities and regions on the map.

Saturday 28 November  2020 Sunday 29 November 2020

Times and activities still being refined.