Aberdeen Python User Group 10 April 2024

"Python WebAssembly" - Rob McWilliam

We will start with a look at what WebAssembly (WASM) is and how it can be used, then look at some of the options for running python code in WASM.This will include

After the talk we will have one or more challenges for you to attempt - so bring your laptop! 

Bio: Rob is an electronic engineer, working on FPGAs processing network traffic to stock exchanges. At work he uses python for a variety of testing and debugging things and uses it for a wide range of things in personal projects, from microcontrollers up through bigger computers. 

If you don’t already have Python set up, we can help you with that too. Coding in pairs or small groups (especially mixing beginner and more experiences coders) is strongly encouraged, though you can also code solo.

This event is orgnanised by a charity - Code The City. CTC suggests a small donation to help with charity admin costs, but if this is a barrier please just change the ticket price to what you can afford.

We're now back to running physical events backed up with an online option.

If you select a physical ticket and it happens that we can not meet physically you will have to attend the Zoom session. If you choose a physical ticket and it goes ahead you will have to comply with any conditions of attendance (eg masks or social distancing) that the venue operators demand at the time.

Those attending the physical space meetup should attend at 6pm for pizza and drinks. The coding session (for online attendees) will be from 6.30pm. Doors will be locked from 6.30pm.

**If tickets are sold out please do not attend as you will be refused entry without a ticket. **

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Additional Information

Our physical session starts at 6pm with pizza and drinks.

6.30pm "Python WebAssembly" - Rob McWilliam

Rob will also set us challenges after his talk, and we will work in them in small groups. So, bring a laptop.

Please note our policy on reducing the spread of infections diseases such as Covid-19