ADM and APUG 8 May 2024

"Environmental monitoring with a Raspberry Pi" - Luke Buskie

Precis: Growing up in the North East of Scotland I have always been interested in our unique weather system. In 2019 with an effort to learn more about computing I bought a RaspberryPi. Naturally the project that captured my attention was titled "build your own weather station" and the story begins.

I will talk to the evolution of the project over the last few years, from construction (learning to solder) access to 3D printing (Thanks Aberdeen Library) and various customizations including an air quality sensor, deploying a website, adding a camera and use of a machine learning algorithm on my dataset to generate my own temperature forecast. The learning curve has been steep, with numerous mis-steps and "if i were to do it again" anecdotes.

Bio: Luke has worked as a reservoir engineer for sixteen years primarily focused on oil and gas production forecasting and field development decisions. Following the rapidly changing computer science industry from the outside his curiosity has lead him to learn more.

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Our physical session starts at 6pm with pizza and drinks.

6.30pm "Environmental monitoring with a Raspberry Pi" - Luke Buskie

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