Aberdeen Data Meetup - “How to get started in a data career”

Tonight's even is a collaboration between Code The City and The Data Lab.

The evening will cover the theme of “How to get started in a data career”.

Speakers will be Lesley-Anne Kelly and Charlotte Mclean. 

Lesley-Anne is the Head of Data Journalism at DC Thomson and based in Dundee. She has more than a decade of experience of working with data and is passionate about democratising data and making it more accessible to the general public. She and her team mix methods such as data visualisation and scrollytelling, with traditional journalism to unlock the stories held within spreadsheets.

Charlotte has over 20 years’ IT experience spanning software development, design & architecture through to data & analytics. She currently manages the Data Engineering team at Aize, building digital twin collaboration workspaces for customers in heavy asset industries. Her early career was in the Financial Services industry developing Java enterprise applications before moving more towards developing solutions for data and improving data governance. Since completing an MSc in Data Science in 2019 she has focused on building data/AI solutions, both to improve productivity and be an enabler to allow people to focus on the value-add activities of their role. She is passionate about data and how data science/AI can help people improve the way they work together.


This event is orgnanised by a charity - Code The City. We are grateful to ScotlandIS for their generous sponsorship of the Aberdeen Data Meetups from June 2023 onwards, and for The Data Lab's sponsorship of this event.

CTC suggests a small donation to help with charity admin costs, but if this is a barrier please just change the ticket price to what you can afford.

We're now back to running physical events (with an online option via Zoom).

If you select a physical ticket and it happens that we can not meet physically you will have to attend the Zoom session. If you choose a physical ticket and it goes ahead you will have to comply with any conditions of attendance (eg masks or social distancing) that the venue operators demand at the time.

Those attending the physical space meetup should attend at 6pm for pizza and drinks. The talk will be from 6.30pm. Doors will be locked from 6.30pm.

**If tickets are sold out please do not attend as you will be refused entry without a ticket. **

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Additional Information

Physical attendees should arrive around 6pm for pizza, drinks and networking.

We will open the Zoom call around 6.15pm

* 6.30pm onwards - the main talk

Please note our policy on reducing the spread of infections diseases such as Covid-19