Aberdeen Data Meetup 06 June 2023

Leveraging Data to build great products - Janny Saevenee

How to use data to understand what users want, what users say, and what users do in order to make more informed decisions to provide insight to strategy up to the executive level. There are so many product metrics we could be tracking, but it’s not always clear which ones we should be tracking. However, there are a few metrics that every product leader should have on their radar. In this talk, I will provide examples of how others using data to build their product and what metrics product leads need to know. 

Bio: Janny Saevenee is Digital Product Owner at James Fisher Asset Information Services. She helps the product team make a better product by using data-driven instead of gut instinct. 

This event is orgnanised by a charity - Code The City. We are grateful to ScotlandIS for their generous sponsorship of the Aberdeen Data Meetups from June 2023 onwards.

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