Postponed: Aberdeen Data Meetup 01 Aug 2023

Unfortunately we have had to postpone this talk. We hope to reschedule it for September or October. 

Why Data Engineering is the Imperative Foundation for Data Science - Harris Asad

Data engineering serves as the essential foundation upon which the field of data science relies heavily. It involves tasks such as collecting, storing, and transforming raw data into a format that can be easily analysed. By establishing robust data pipelines, ensuring data quality, and optimizing database performance, data engineers enable data scientists and other downstream data consumers to focus on interpreting and extracting valuable insights from the data.  Data engineering encompasses the majority of what data professionals find themselves spending the most time on and that is data cleaning and transformation. Data engineers remove inconsistencies, handle missing values, and normalize data to maintain data integrity.  Therefore, it is extremely important for any modern business which is just starting their journey to make more data-driven decisions to prioritize data engineering first.

Bio: Harris is currently working as a data science engineer in Harbour Energy, where he helps the company to set up and maintain a scalable data infrastructure for all analytics, data science and machine learning workloads. Most of his three years of experience has revolved around consulting energy companies on how to be more data-driven by using resources in either cloud environments or using on-prem/open-source solutions. 

Harris graduated with an MSc in Statistical Data Science from the University of Kent where he was a Bestway Foundation Scholar. He also holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences (PIEAS).


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