In light of the recent challenging events around the globe concerning the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), and the postponement of KubeCon EU, the Cloud Native Rejekts organizing team has thought hard about how to support our grass-roots community of proud Rejekts. We are pleased to announce the community’s first-ever remote alternative event, Virtual Rejekts 2020! 

Virtual Rejekts will be a truly global, interactive, live-streamed event, following the sun from Asia to the United States via Europe. Our goal is to replicate — as far as possible — the relaxed, fun atmosphere, and open exchange of “alternative ideas”, for which the in-person Cloud Native Rejekts events are known.

Best of all, Virtual Rejekts is free to attend. So, this April 1, don’t be a Fool, be a Rejekt!



  • Ended
  • Registration is not currently available.

By the power of Tito