Connections #1: Weak Signals

An alternative view of change

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Connections is the first in a new series of events that will explore the edges of design, technology and science.

That sounds very high-falutin’, doesn’t it? Don’t worry: it’s not. It’s really an opportunity for Brightonites to get together and hear some thematically-related thought-provoking talks ...and have a beer or two.

If you’ve ever been to a Skillswap event, you know the deal. Except that Connections is a much more descriptive name than Skillswap, because instead of swapping skills, we’re dropping mind bombs.

Our first event, features talks from Lighthouse Creative Director Honor Harger and futurist Justin Pickard. Expect some fun prodding at the seams of our unevenly-distributed future from these eminently smart and lovely people.

Join us from 7pm.

A Very Dark Matter

Honor Harger

In physics, the darkness is the most illuminating place to look if you want to understand the Universe right now. We now know that 26.8% of all matter is dark. And dark energy accounts for 68.3% of all energy. So nearly 96% of the Universe is dark. It is there; but invisible.

Our understanding of the dark universe is not just the result of scientific research and technological innovation. Artists have been active in producing some of the most powerful and persistent ideas about the possibilities of of invisible universe we exist within. Just as the cartographers of the past worked hand-in-hand with artists who illustrated and interpreted the new worlds they discovered, the dark universe is being mapped, visualised and sonified by artists.

Honor's talk will touch upon how culture can help illuminate the darkness.


 Justin Pickard

In this talk, Justin will look at how a single piece of hardware — the photovoltaic solar panel — has been used as a tool for envisioning positive and inclusive futures, and what it can tell us about the state of innovation, energy, and environmentalism today, in 2014.