Brighton Digital Karting

Brighton Digital Karting is a 90 minute endurance race at Teamsport Karting, Lancing hosted by Clearleft as part of Brighton Digital Festival 2014.

The Main Event

10 teams, 40 drivers in a 90 minute non-stop indoor Go-Kart endurance race - the team who have completed the most number of laps by the time the chequered flag goes down will be awarded the trophy for Brighton Digital Karting Champions 2014.

This Le Mans style race will see your team responsible for its own strategy as you tackle the 450 meter course with its tight hairpin bends in your 200cc Biz Kart. It's up to you whether to split the time on track equally, run a set number of laps before changeover it is entirely up to you.

Along with the award for top team we'll also be looking out for fastest lap and whether anyone can beat the current course record.

How To Enter

This is a team event, but we want anyone to be able to enter. So, there are two options to get you on-track:

Enter a Team

You can pay to enter a single team of 4 drivers (£189.00)

Enter as a Driver

You can pay to enter as a driver, a free agent if you will. (£47.25) If you sign up as a driver, we'll put you together with other drivers to make a team.

The cost covers everything you need to race including track hire, fuel, race suit, gloves and helmet.

See you on the grid.

18th September 2014 20:30-23:00

More information to come shortly

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