Supply Chain 4.0 Strategy Day

Digitalized – Connected – Integrated – Smart – Automated: Supply Chains 4.0

Which strategies are best to tackle supply chain challenges caused by various global imbalances and amplified by measures meant to tackle the pandemic? Are supply chains a part of the problem or a part of the solution? How can digitalisation  and new technologies in general help to guarantee for all supplies to be on-time?


Additional Information

No doubt: Intelligent value chains create major values in the 4.0 world. Technological trends like AI, IoT, AR, 3D printing or Blockchain just started to re-shape supply chain strategies in many ways. Now is the right point in time to accelerate the transformation. The convergence of physical and digital processes enabled by IoT and AI creates a transformation from linear supply chains to connected, intelligent, scalable, adaptable and fast Digital Supply Networks (DSNs), the latter being more efficient and profitable. Blockchain technology has a lot of potential to foster trust and transparency in complex and partly automated business relationships. New and lean 4.0 manufacturing technologies will lead to more de-centralisation and regionalisation of logistics. To make this transformation a success physical data and relationships need to be mirrored in a Digital Twin of the supply chains. With cutting-edge use cases, latest research and strategic insights Supply Chain 4.0 Strategy Day is your comprehensive update for the most relevant latest trends. If you like you may also use our networking app to arrange meetings with colleagues to exchange views on specific topics in one on one or group meetings.

  • Current global supply chain crisis
  • Industry 4.0 and supply chains
  • Key enablers for digital SCM models
  • Digital Supply Networks (DSN)
  • IoT linking physical and digital world
  • SCM transformation strategies
  • Supply chain risk management
  • Improving CO2 footprints
  • Supply Chain platforms and new business models
  • Increasing SCM’s value contribution
  • Route-to-market strategy
  • Data integration
  • Digital Twins of supply chains
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in SCM
  • M2M communication
  • End-to-End transparency in the supply chain
  • Blockchains as trust boosters?
  • Cyber security in digitalised supply chains
  • Augmented reality
  • Big data, predictive analytics and AI in SCM
  • Autonomos cyber-physical systems
  • Robotics
  • Real time visualisation
  • Smart maintenance
  • Regulatory trends