Leaders Dialog

Network and Think Tank for Transformational Leadership

Leaders Dialog is an exclusive networking event series for corporate decision makers to discuss current strategic challenges. We organize time-efficient networking for business leaders in meetings and round tables. We connect the relevant executives and experts in person to spark inspiration and develop ideas for the business of today and the future.

More than ever digitalization disrupts industries. We are still finding ourselves in the center of a global business transformation. The opportunities of creating new business models, markets and competitive advantages are truly enormous. And so are the risks of wrong decisions made under pressure.

What we call the 4th Industrial Revolution – the in-depth interconnection of humans, machines/devices, processes, products, supply chains and production facilities as well as the intelligent steering of these connections through AI and Big Data Analytics – enables improved or completely new business models, services and products and it creates new forms of interactions with all stakeholders.

Executives in charge act under the conditions of a hardly predictable «VUCA World» (Velocity, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) as a consequence of digitalization and globalization. Increasing global uncertainty and volatility in the economic and political systems make strategy development even more complicated.


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