Procurement 4.0 Strategy Day

Industry 4.0 requires Procurement 4.0

Obvious impacts of digitalization on procurement: More integrated and automated processes across the value chain, a portfolio shift towards new technology and service contracts in the portfolio, deeper levels of connectivity and data and an optimized supply chain with better transportation flows, inventories, warehouse requirements and quality inspections.

But even more important: Digital business model innovation requires procurement to offer new value contributions to suppliers, customers and internal partners. Industry 4.0 blurs the boundaries between R&D, manufacturing and procurement. With its in-depth data-based knowledge of suppliers and their markets, products and innovations, procurement plays a more active role in innovation processes. This active role includes sharing knowhow and information with internal teams, suppliers and customers in an open and integrated collaborative environment. This role can also be monetized through genuinely procurement-driven services and business models.


  • CHF 375
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