Complexity Management 4.0 Strategy Day 2022

Complexity Management is the Key for Competitiveness in the Industry 4.0 Age

Digitalization is amplifying product and variant diversity. Customers want digital added value, new services and customized products. Industry 4.0 concepts, methods and technologies enable innovative manufacturers to satisfy this needs. But the complexity must be kept on a sensible cost level. Fast changing market conditions and regulations add to even more complexity. To control and adjust the optimum level of complexity is decisive for profitability and competitiveness. It’s important to keep in mind that reduction of complexity isn’t always the desirable result, because certain levels of home-breed complexity can be positive by creating a specific competitive edge, like unique quality or product features. Complexity Management enables us to honor all aspects of complexity and to avoid cost traps.


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Interactive Networking Format

  • Inspiring talks (Cutting-edge business cases, strategies, technology, best management practices, analysis, methods)
  • Workshops
  • Networking meetings
  • Online archive and community


  • Mastering the diversity of variants in the 4.0 age
  • Which strategy in complexity management? Standardize or react flexibly?
  • Methods to find complexity drivers
  • Determine the optimal level of complexity
  • Relationship between market and company complexity
  • Identify and avoid complexity cost traps
  • Agile development, agile organization, agile process framework
  • orchestration strategies
  • Market analytics as a key / new methods / big data / business analytics
  • Complexity management in product development and planning
  • Digital engineering in product development
  • Optimizing the product range and portfolio strategies
  • IoT and the market-driven development of networked products
  • Development of digital services and platforms
  • Modularity management and product architecture
  • Individualization and batch size 1
  • Data strategy
  • Product data, data integration, interoperability, standards
  • Platform strategies
  • Variant management tools
  • Optimizing process structure
  • Optimizing resource structure
  • Optimizing production network
  • Configuration management 4.0
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Early BOM