Agile Innovation Strategy Day Online

This intensive seminar day uses use cases to illuminate strategies, methods and pitfalls in detail, how to develop digital products with agile methods and implement innovation projects in the company.

Companies today have to react quickly to changing market requirements and develop new business models. Agile innovation methods make it possible to accelerate innovation processes and integrate design with development, adaptation and adoption. How can you successfully use the potential of agile methods for innovation processes? The cultural prerequisites must also be created in companies in order to be able to establish agile forms of work and management structures. The transformation to an agile and innovative organization is therefore a central challenge for management and executives. Using best practices, we illuminate the latest methods and tools on the way to becoming an agile, innovative company as well as the critical success factors of agile innovation management.


  • This ticket is valid for the online conference. For the livestream we are using Cisco WebEx.
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