Nodebotsday South Bay: September edition, will happen in a warehouse in Redwood City. Join your fellow nodebots hackers on Saturday, September 21, from 10am to 5pm, as we hack, solder, and share tools.


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The location is near the AT&T tower in Redwood City. Public transit to this spot isn't great, but it's easy to reach by car. The space is a warehouse so there will be plenty of room for copter-flying. There's a garage-style door that opens onto a parking lot with more space for larger bots or AR Parrots. This Flickr set has some shots of the space:

Warehouse 2

Here's a video of a Crazyflie in the meet-up space! Our host Peter is flying. As you can see, it's a garage space, not an office space. No air conditioning! You will get dirty if you crawl around on the floor (which I find I often do when playing with hardware, no really) so dress for it.

Things that will be on hand: soldering irons, some electrical tools, plenty of cement-floor space, decent wireless networking, bottled water, soda.

Things to bring: power cables, laptops, robot parts, any small tools you'll need. Also bring whatever project you're working on! Just getting started with nodebots & hardware hacking? Just getting started with javascript? There'll be plenty of help on hand.

The lunch plan is to walk to tacos. Or perhaps you'll be able to talk Ceej into going on a taco-related errand for you if you are very nice. There is a taco truck that's often next door, and El Grullense #3 is a couple of blocks away.

Organized by C J Silverio and Peter Bierman.