Rapha Women's 100 New York 2022

The Women’s 100 is returning on Sunday, September 18, marking a decade of celebrating women’s cycling. Challenging women from around the world to come together and ride 100km in one day, this year we’ve got our sights set on our biggest target yet, getting 100,000 women to take part. So whether you’re just getting started on your cycling journey, or you're a seasoned pro in the saddle, sign up and clock your kilometres as we celebrate 10 years of going the distance, together.

One day, 100km and 10 years of celebrating women in cycling around the world - you in?

Rapha New York is hosting training rides and events to help you prepare. The Women's 100 is no-drop and welcoming to all female-identifying, transgender, LGBTQ+, femme, & non-binary folks.


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