Gotland Game Conference 2017

The GGC is an annual conference hosted by the department of Game Design at Uppsala University campus Gotland.

The event has four major parts;

  • a public show floor where you can meet our students and help play test their games.

  • a series of engaging talks by researchers- and developers from around the world, exploring the depth, nuance and potential of video games.

  • a Game Educators Summit; inviting all university-level game educations in Europe and North America to share experiences and organize an international network of support and collaboration. Want to present? Submit your talk here.

  • and we round off with a prestigious Awards Ceremony and party, celebrating the end of our academic year. (the party requires 18 year minimum age)

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Additional Information

Code of Conduct and Anti-Harassment Policies

The Department of Game Design at Uppsala University want, above all else, to work for an inclusive games industry and -culture, where everyone can feel safe to be themselves. As part of maintaining that community, we ask all attendees to agree to the following guidelines for our behavior during the Gotland Game Conference.