React Native Wrocław Meetup

React Native Wrocław Meetup | The Best Learn from The Best

 Lorenzo Sciandra, Senior Software Engineer @Microsoft

 The New Architecture Is Here…What Now?

 Callstack Office, Prosta 36, Wrocław

React Native Wrocław Meetup is back (and in-person)!

Let’s restart the #ReactNative Wrocław Meetup with a bang and talk about…new architecture. The React Native new architecture has been ‘coming next year' since 2019 and it has finally arrived. So, how can we benefit from this new shiny tech? 

Our special guest, Lorenzo Sciandra, Senior Software Engineer @Microsoft will answer this question on July 14 during the React Native Wrocław Meetup: The Best Learn from The Best. 

Lorenzo will share his insights and in-depth analysis of the current state of the migration path to the new architecture to help you and your team evaluate and estimate when and how long it will take you to get to the next level! 


18:00 START 

18:10 Talk I

How To Update A UI Library?

Łukasz Walczak, Software Developer @Callstack

18:45 Talk II

The New Architecture Is Here…What Now?

Lorenzo Sciandra, Senior Software Engineer @Microsoft


19:15 Talk III

Mobile Payments In React Native. How To Make Simple Card Payments In The Expo App Using Stripe. 

Jakub Kłobus, Technical Development Lead @Callstack 

19:45 Pizza, drinks & networking

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