The way we work is changing forever.

Let’s create a future that is sustainable and equitable for everyone.

1 day Jam - 9am-9pm on 16th December in St. Patrick's Campus DCU

If you are interested in joining together with creative technologists, social inventors, policy experts, and thought leaders for a one-day event in Dublin, Ireland where we will tease out the thorny challenges of the evolving on-demand economy and prototype real solutions then register today.


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Why are we doing this?

A host of technologies—from automation to digital platforms for coordination of tasks — are reinventing not just what people do to earn a living but at a much deeper level how we organize to create value. The landscape of labour economics is in upheaval. In the process, new platforms, algorithms, and attitudes are undermining many established institutions, regulatory regimes, and work practices, challenging some of the basic tenets of the social safety net established in the 20th century. But what of the workers? How can we ensure dignified and sustainable livelihoods for everyone?

Solutions won’t come from any one agency, discipline, or company. It will take collaboration, broad public engagement, smart policy, and an openness to reinventing old economic models. And while we can’t put the technologies enabling on-demand platforms back in the box, the algorithms we embed in them, the platform design choices we make, the policy and regulatory solutions we create can be shaped by all of us. It is one of the more urgent tasks that we face today. And we need your help.