Supporting Women’s Health at Work: Are employers doing enough?

This session will shine a light on women's health and through a panel of women's health champions explore how organisations can do more to support women at work. 

This session will explore how employers can encourage more understanding and support for women’s health and wellbeing. 

We champion the importance of nurturing the health and well-being of every employee, irrespective of gender. This session is dedicated to shedding light on the powerful connection between women's health and the workplace. 

Through a panel of women’s health champions, we will explore if organisations are doing enough to support women's health at work and what support employers would like to support employees. 

How it works  This session will take place on Zoom. Attendees will be emailed a secure link to join prior to the event.

Further sessions are available on this topic and others in the Advisory Services offer. Please email for any further information. 


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