COMPLETE: Forecasting Workshop NYC

Time: 9:30am - 4:30pm

Studio Operations and Forecasting: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly with Rob Harr of Sparkbox

“You won’t be in control of your business until you can accurately predict it.” One of Rob's early mentors and business advisors said that to him a thousand times over their time together—and it’s true. Running operations at a web studio is hard. But you can either run your business or your business can run you—and Rob has always hated having a boss.

During this workshop we will cover how Sparkbox runs their studio (from planning for projects, cash flow, hiring, and sales) that centers around forecasting. Rob will share a relatively simple weekly cadence you can implement that doesn’t lose sight of the people. We will dig into the details and discuss the important metrics to track and what is just noise. Before long you’ll actually be in charge of your business.

The morning will be spent sharing what has worked well for Sparkbox and what they have attempted in the past. After lunch we will have a collaborative Q&A discussion where can go deep on the morning topics.

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During this workshop, Rob will cover:
• What is Studio Operations?
• The difference between operations and project management
• Where to start with forecasting
• Improving forecasting through feedback loops
• Predicting and Managing cash flow
• Getting your entire team involved

Lunch is included.