Technical Leadership Masterclass - Remote, February 2023

Technical Leadership Masterclass


Two remote sessions (via Zoom), the first on February 23 and the second on March 2, 2023, at 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM Eastern Time. These will be supplemented with optional prework, inter-session work, and afterwork including videos, readings, and discussion thereof.


Technical leaders are looked to for direction setting and guidance, and decisions are of great consequence both to the business and for development teams. Before we can lead others, we first need to have self-awareness, confidence and humility. The emphasis of this masterclass is on technical leadership in the context of complex socio-technical systems. We assume that we all bring experience to the masterclass, and we're building on that. We embed discussion and practice elements focused on the how of being a more effective leader, within a framework (OODA, or sense/make sense/respond) for navigating both day-to-day and more strategically focused work. The topics cover a range:

  • Leadership and what it means to be an effective leader in various settings
  • Building relationships, trust and safety
  • Working across organizations to bridge strategy and business outcomes and technical decisions and practices
  • Building judgment and decision making skills and repertoire
  • What it means to work across technical teams, and what we can bring to that
  • Developing professional curiosity, observation, opportunity discovery, problem solving
  • Dealing with organizational dynamics (politics); magnifying your ability to get things done working with and through people

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Instructor: Ruth Malan

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