Strategy for Technical Leaders Masterclass - Remote, September 2021

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Strategy for Technical Leaders Masterclass

This masterclass builds on our work with software, system and enterprise architects and product, program and executive managers including CTOs and CIOs. It is a new class in this (redesigned for remote) format, but leverages various of our architecture and leadership workshops.

There is a combination of async work co-ordinated over Slack beginning in late August, and in-class work, co-ordinated over Zoom, on:

  • September 7 and 14, 10 am - 1 pm ET (2 x 3 hr sessions)


Business strategy informs and is informed by technical strategy (or ought to); hence our focus on both business strategy and technical strategy.

Business Strategy We explore business strategy from the perspective of technologists partnering with business leaders to shape value creation and strategic direction. We blend theory and practice, and present the following topics with a mix of discussion and visual modeling:

  • Ecosystems, value networks, value flows and transformations
  • Various strategy models (survey and history): Porter, Kaplan and Norton, Christensen, OKRs, Wardley
  • Strategy as fractal and emergent; strategic horizons
  • Competition, Ecosystems, and Business Models
  • Business context and strategic landscape mapping; trends and projections
  • Value and Design
  • Business Strategy Canvas
  • Business capabilities and Wardley Maps

Technical Strategy We explore technical strategy in terms of technical options, and technical direction and context setting:

  • Technology ecosystems and landscape, technology radars, trends, projections and impact
  • Platforms and technology strategy
  • Expressions of technical strategy: principles, architectural styles, decisions guiding technical choices
  • Business and organizational implications of technical decisions
  • Wardley Map drill down
  • CI/CD/Progressive delivery, options and experiments

Instructors: Ruth Malan and Dana Bredemeyer

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