Distributed communication at scale: How Automattic keeps people connected

1,301 employees, spread between 77 countries, speaking 95 different languages. How exactly do you keep good communication and connection at such a scale? That is the question Petya Milcheva, Global HR Business Partner at Automattic (the company behind Wordpress) and her HR and People Ops colleagues pose to themselves every single day. They have never aimed to solve it through a one size fits all approach because, well, people are different. They have also had to rethink and redo everything since March 2020 and make communication and connection fit for a world with a global pandemic.

Join us for the next Boundless online meetup on Friday, November 27th from 4.00 to 5:00 pm GMT where we will host Petya and hear how Automattic keeps people connected at scale:

  • How communication practices changed since the onset of the pandemic
  • How to navigate individual communication styles
  • What are the communication charters and policies in place at Automattic
  • Best practices for asynchronous communication

After Petya’s talk, we will have plenty of time for questions and answers so be sure to think of some ahead of the meetup. It’s our mission to bring likeminded people together, so they can collaboratively learn from one another and build lasting connections.

About Petya: Petya is a passionate HR professional with 12+ years of various People roles in the IT industry. She loves the opportunity to continuously learn from different cultures and share diverse perspectives. She has been with Automattic for 5+ years with a strong focus on building and supporting a globally distributed, diverse, authentic, and inclusive workforce, where everyone can thrive. A mom of two little boys and a big fan of various sports, she now tries to find time to be outdoors more and enjoy the mountains.


Additional Information

This is a community event for People Ops professionals at all levels of experience and expertise. Emphasis is on sharing and learning. This event is hosted by Boundless.