BlendConf 2014

Conference Details

BlendConf is a generalist conference featuring 60 diverse speakers sharing ideas and conversations about user experience, design, and front-end development and back-end development. In total there will be 4 keynotes, 8 workshops and 48 sessions. All speakers can be viewed on Lanyrd.

The 2013 conference was a success. Thank-you for making it amazing.

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Ticket Types

  • Bundle Pass: Sept. 11-13. Includes both the workshop and conference days at a discounted rate.
  • Workshop Pass: Sept. 11th only. You may choose 2, 1/2 day workshops.
  • Conference Pass: Sept 12-13 only. Choose from 48 sessions, 6 sessions daily.
  • VIP Add-on (only 20 available): Friday night, Sept 11th. Get access to our speakers green rooms and join us at our speakers dinner. Cost of dinner is included.

When you purchase your tickets you agree to our refund policy and to follow our code of conduct.

Tickets Prices in USD

Additional Information


I'm excited to announce that our 4 keynotes will be:

  • Mike Monteiro, Mule Design
  • Jennifer Pahlka, Code for America
  • Kimberly Bryant, Black Girls Code
  • Scott Hanselman, Microsoft


8 workshops will be available and you can choose two. Workshops will include:

  • UX Improv with Jessie Shternshus
  • C-Speak for UX with Angel Anderson
  • Interface Animations with Mark Geyer
  • Sass with Claudina Sarahe
  • Web Components with Micheal Labriola & Michelle Yaiser
  • Enterprise Rails & Angular with Adam Hunter
  • Azure with Mark Wilson


There are 48 sessions to choose from across 4 tracks – User Experience, Design, Front-End Development and Back-End Development.

Speakers will include Mark Boulton, Abby Covert, Irene Pereyra, Greg Hoy, Allison House, Jen Simmons, Aaron Gustafson, Chris Coyier, Steve Klabnik, Paul Boag, Nicole Fenton, Sougwen Chung, Sophie Shepherd, Jen Meyers, Stacey Mulcahy, Val Head, Rachel Ober and many more. All speakers can be viewed on Lanyrd.