Community of Practice for Engineering Leaders – June 2023

Focusing on real everyday problems

Our community of practice is an environment where leaders can come together, and feel welcome, included, and safe to work on real problems. Where leaders can reflect on their setbacks, share their challenges and experiences, and explore best practices and new possibilities. We build a community of trust through open sharing of knowledge, and practical learning.

Collaborate on solving actual problems

To make sure we're working on your current day-to-day challenges, we ask you to share them with us before the first session. We use your responses as a baseline to establish a sense of where everyone is at, and what they need from the program. Everybody gains that understanding when we share them back in the first session.

Each week, part of the session focuses on exploring those questions in short, directed, small group discussions. These structured discussions emphasise exploratory collaborative problem-solving through reflection, enquiry, and deep listening. Sometimes we'll invite more experienced members of our network as guests to join these conversations when additional perspectives are needed.

This process leans into dialogue and self-reflection rather than instruction. Our facilitation of the discussions is led by our experience, but we don't claim to have every answer. Instead we help each other find answers together, in a repeatable way that you can take back to your workplace.

These sessions are structured so that everyone has the opportunity to address a concrete work challenge they have and participate in discussions for others in the group.

Why should you join our Community of Practice?

  • You want to deepen your knowledge and leadership skills.
  • You care about your team.
  • You want to increase team engagement and performance.
  • You want to connect with people who you might not usually collaborate with to explore new possibilities, ideas, and problem solving.
  • You want to share stories and knowledge to help others and yourself build on existing leadership skills.
  • You want to engage in thoughtful dialogues amongst a cohort of like-minded peers.
  • You want to be amongst a supportive group of peers that you can learn from and turn to for future challenges and opportunities.

For more details, see the Community of Practice page on our site.


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