• Optimized Day Workshop takes place on Wed 1 June 2022 from 09:30 to 21:00.

    In this full immersive and exclusive retreat location 20 minutes away from Helsinki center you will be guided by the Biohacker's Handbook authors Dr. Olli Sovijärvi, technology specialist Teemu Arina, nutrition specialist Jaakko Halmetoja, sauna master Tommi Ullgren, breathworker Leigh Ewin and sound healer Jani Toivonen through a perfect day from the morning when you wake up to the moment when you go to sleep.

    You will have access to latest biohacking technologies, nutrition, a beautiful retreat location, optimized & upgraded lunch & dinner, traditional Finnish sauna session, ice swimming in Baltic sea, swimming pool, beautiful views, amazing company, lectures, a goodie bag of biohacking products from our sponsors and more. Limited capacity to only 30 people.
  • Upgraded Offsite takes place on on Sun 5 June 2022 from 10:00-22:00

    Ground yourself with nature. This epic biohacking retreat will take you to a part of the world's largest archipelago in front of Finland where ancient Finns used to pay their taxes to the king with seal fat and salted herring. As you can imagine, they were left pretty much on their own and they survived on fishing and gifts from nature. On this day trip your daily chores just wash away, as the beautiful nature & sea around you immerses you in a complete nervous system reset. Fully inclusive of transportation, boat trip, lunch and dinner, sauna, swimming in the baltic sea, nature trips, guided forest meditations and full-body recovery program. Only 15 available!
  • Watch the Biohacker Summit from the comfort of your home. Access the live stream and full video recording package including 40+ hours of content recorded at Biohacker Summit 2022. Provides perpetual download access to the video recordings, audio mp3 versions and presentations. Access provided once the package has been edited by the producers.
    Inc. VAT @10%
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