Whiskey, The Real Thing..... Saturday 29th Sept

24th Sept. CANCELLED 😳. Slow ticket sales mean we have had to cancel the event. Refunds out today.

The world of Irish Whiskey is re-emerging after decades of dormancy. As more and more distilleries are established there are many reasons to celebrate.

Join us for 2 hours of passion, story telling and tastings as we chat with

  • Jenn Nickerson - Chief Dogsbody, Tipperary Distillery
  • Ned Gahan - Head Distiller, Waterford Distillery
  • John O'Connell - Head Distiller, West Cork Distillers

and special guest Bill Linnane, freelance journalist with a very particular grá for whiskey.

We will absolutely talk about whiskey labelling, the provenance of brands and the terroir of barley. We will actively explore the various routes open to a new Irish Whiskey Brand and the importance of absolute clarity in how a new brand is positioned in the eyes of consumers.

Hosted as always by Highbank Organic Orchard who are distillers of distinction in their own right and a tour of the orchard and distillery is included with your ticket. This will take place at 17.30.today


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