Oats, ABG - Sat March 3rd at 6.30pm

Sadly due to the probable weather conditions over the weekend we are not going ahead with this Biabeag event, wouldn't be a good time to have both our panelists and audience travelling when they don't have to.

Oats, porridge, gruel (maybe not so much). A traditional grain which, if you are anything like me, gets consumed with a lack of imagination. So this evening we are joined by one previous guest and 3 new to use to explore the world of oats past, present and future.

  • Jemma Kehoe, Nutritional Therapist will set the scene by exploring the benefits of this wonderful grain in our diets.
  • Kevin Scully, The Merry Mill is next with his story of how himself and his family moved from being farmers of oats to now growing and milling organically on their farm.
  • Maria Betts, Maria Lucia Bakes will share her journey from business woman and coach to being the founder of this granola business based in Dublin.
  • Finally John Flahavan, great-great-great-grandchild of the founder of Flahavan's, will share a little on their heritage, their work with farmers around Ireland and how they are now using oats as the basis for a wide range of products. 


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