beyond tellerrand // Düsseldorf 2021

Ten years of beyond tellerrand in Düsseldorf, the home town of #btconf. Yes, you are reading right: this is our 10th edition. Join us to celebrate this and be ready for a diverse, entertaining, and educating program with some of the best and nicest people on stage and in the audience. But most importantly be ready to have a fantastic time, as this is what we want to achieve.

Please notice: We are able to run our events by following the given rules by the venue (titled 2G+). You are allowed to enter the venue and attend the event, if you are:

  • fully vaccinated – you need your yellow vaccination booklet or your digital vaccination certificate as proof, or
  • recovered – you need a positive test result as proof, valid from 11 to 180 days after you been tested positive and a digital certificate in the known apps is valid also, or
  • with a valid, negative PCR-Test. No quicktest (Schnelltest)!

We are about maybe excluding people with those rules, but we have to follow these rules in order to being able to run the events. Thank you for understanding.


Event map

Additional Information

beyond tellerrand brings you 2 days of code, creativity, inspiration and networking, plus Side Events around the core conference. Affordable quality in a friendly atmosphere. Early bird tickets are just €199 (incl. German VAT and booking fees) and standard tickets are €299 only (incl. German VAT and booking fees).

Don't wait too long with getting your ticket as last year's events in Düsseldorf always sold out months before the event took place. beyond tellerrand // DÜSSELDORF is taking place 7–10 November 2021 with the core event on 8 and 9 November and Side Event plus workshops around these dates.

Stay tuned for more information …