beyond tellerrand // Düsseldorf 2017

7 years. Some say the 7th year is the critical year. We say it is another year to celebrate the wonderful community we are in. beyond tellerrand is back in Düsseldorf. Be ready for a diverse, entertaining, and educating program with some of the best and nicest people on stage. But most importantly be ready to have a fantastic time, as this is what we want to achieve.


Additional Information

beyond tellerrand brings you 2 days of code, creativity, inspiration and networking, plus Side Events around the core conference. Affordable quality in a friendly atmosphere. Early bird tickets are just €179 (incl. German VAT and booking fees) and standard tickets are only €279 (incl. German VAT and booking fees).

Among confirmed speakers are Seb Lester, Yuko Shimizu, Sarah Drasner, Nadieh Bremer, Jonathan Barnbrook and many more … but we don't want to spoil it all right now. Check the complete list of speakers on our site.

Don't wait too long with getting your ticket as last year's events in Düsseldorf always sold out months before the event took place. beyond tellerrand // DÜSSELDORF 2017 is taking place May 15–17 2017. An event for a friendly and inspiring community!

Full-Day Workshops

  • Creative Data Visualisation Techniques – May 17 – A workshop from and with Nadieh Bremer. There are so many tools available on the market to visualise your data. It’s very easy to get stuck in thinking about chart types, always just going for that bar or line chart, without truly thinking about effectiveness. In this workshop, Nadieh Bremer is going to teach you how you can take a more creative and practical approach to the design of data visualisation.
  • Learn How to Draw (better) in One Day with Yuko Shimizu – May 14 – Learn how to see, build confidence, build visual memory, and see things like an artist – these are the four main goals during this day with Yuko Shimizu. From beginner to advanced, it will be a fun day of drawing together whatever your level is. (If you are a student, tickets are only €179. Email us at
  • From Animations to Data Visualisation with Sarah Drasner – May 17 – Join us for a journey through the SVG DOM. Learn the essentials needed to create SVG Animations and Data Visualisations in production environments for animations both large and small.

Side Events

Also check out the Side Events taking place around beyond tellerrand:

  • IndieWebCamp Germany – May 13 and 14 – Many examples each year teach us, how important it is to own your data. Yet there is still a lot of work to do to help people to understand what “owning your data” actually means at all and how to get started. Interested? We're meeting for a two-day bar camp like collaboration in Düsseldorf again. Brainstorming, working, teaching, helping and much more.
  • Pre-Conference Warm-Up – May 14 – as part of beyond tellerrand we meet the evening before the event to get into the right mood for the upcoming conference days. We are happy and delighted that sipgate is hosting our warm-up again and expect a great talk during the evening as well.
  • Microsoft Lunch-Time Session – May 15 – TBA
  • Shopify Lunch-Time Session – May 16 – Shopify Lunch-Time Session with Shauna Moran.
  • Post-Conference Cool-Down – May 17 – join us for a lovely evening at the trivago office at the evening after the workshops on Wednesday 17th. Lightning talks by you(!), a few drinks and a good way to cool down from the days that just happened.

More soon …