React Paris is a full conference day dedicated to React.JS and all insights and fun that go with🤪, gathering the brightest minds from various horizons, to let you learn about the best React stories, share and mingle!

React C'est Magique !


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React Paris by BeJS is bringing you all the best of the React ecosystem : Talks and insights from world speakers, authors, core teams, accomplished and emerging developers working on the next big React library and trends that every React user should know about!

Paris & Online Offline and Online is what defines our React Paris conference. Both cases, your experience is what matters to us.

Fun is Part of the conference ! We want the event to be a way to unwind, the reason why we always plan an after-event party so that everyone can have fun and connect to others in a relaxed setting, with bites, drinks and sound !

10% of the profits go to the OS Community Our conferences are possible thanks to the huge work that is provided by the open source community. That is why we decided to donate 10% of the profits of this event to the community.

D&I Scholarship Program React Paris supports underrepresented groups in web development, through its Diversity and Inclusion scholarship program, and the help of the sponsors.