BeJS Conf

After the success of the first BeJS conf that took place last May, The BeJS Team is delightedly coming back to announce its 2023 edition – which will be hosted once again right in the heart of Europe; Brussels. 

BeJS Conf 2023 is happening to keep responding to the increasingly evolving JavaScript landscape and trends, all with the aim of becoming the reference JS gathering in Belgium and Europe. High level speakers, trendy JS topics and interactive sessions will once again be the core of our event, joined by our local and international communities that will simply make our meeting a unique journey.


Event map

Additional Information

BeJS Conf will attract field experts from the JS ecosystem, confirmed and emerging developers, to tackle all JS-related trends and latest products. The conference will embody technical talks from our speakers, panel and group discussions to make sure JS practices are exchanged and benchmarked, workshops for hands-on practices of tools and latest technologies, and of course interactive sessions through Q&A allowing our audiences to be engaging and challenging. 

Far more importantly, BeJS Conf will definitely be about networking and meeting peers from different backgrounds, the ultimate way for participants to enrich their contact portfolio of developers, tech providers and talent seekers…

BeJS Conf is not only about learning but also about livening things up! An after event party will be planned, where participants will be able to discuss personal stories, share hobbies and common interests and simply have fun.

Thanks to the huge work and involvement from our open source community, we are always willing to donate 10% of our events profits to support one or some projects to be selected by our community and expert speakers.