On 2 September at the former Bristol IMAX, we screen the widely anticipated directorial debut of Michael 'Lord of the Dance' Flatley -Blackbird.

On 14 March 2018, the internet was taken aback by news that renowned Irish dancer Michael Flatley had made a film. Not only was he starring in this magnum opus, but he had written, produced and directed it.

However just as quickly as news of the film had emerged, it quickly disappeared from the release schedules and fans were worried they might never see the film Flatley himself described as "a spy thriller of the classic genre."

Over the past five years, audiences have waited in anticipation; they've been teased with posters, glimpsed behind the scenes Instagram posts, heard rumours of secret screenings at foreign film festivals and now, finally, the Blackbird has landed.

Troubled secret agent "Blackbird" abruptly retires from service and opens a luxurious nightclub in the Caribbean to escape the dark shadows of his past. An old flame arrives and reignites love in his life but she brings danger with her.

Starring Michael Flatley, Winner of the Best Actor Award - Monaco Streaming Film Festival 2021

When: 7.00pm, Friday 2 September 2022

Location: Former Bristol IMAX, Bristol Aquarium,Anchor Rd, Bristol BS1 5TT

"(This is a) film I’ve been desperate to see more than anything else." - Alex Ritman of The Hollywood Reporter