RustFest Rome 2018

RustFest returns for the fifth (№ Ⅴ.!) time in Rome this fall!

First supporter tickets go live on the 31st August, 5PM CEST!

Standard tickets will be released in batches, see below for details.


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  • Help us create an amazing conference — and secure your spot as you do! The warm, fuzzy feeling that you helped us create an experience of a lifetime for everyone is gratis! 😜
    Inc. VAT @22%
  • Help us with our diversity efforts! Chip in to support RustFest's diversity scholarships and related initiatives in making RustFest Rome even more inclusive and diverse! Your donation offered here will go straight into the diversity pool reserved for this purpose. PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS NOT A TICKET. Purchasing this item will not grant you access to the conference.
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