WebAssembly with Rust Workshop – WWWTF 2018

Build your first WebAssembly Module using Rust.

Join us for this two day hands-on workshop and learn how to build your own WebAssembly Modules using Rust.

In this workshop we will dive into Rust, the new rising star of system programming languages, and how to use it to build safe and fast WebAssembly modules. After a crash course introduction into the Rust basics and some particularly important concepts it features, we'll create an integrated Rust-WebAssembly-JS-setup using npm and cargo (the Rust Package Manager) and dive into interacting with the rust-WASM from the Javascript app.

No prior knowledge of Rust required.


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You'll leave this two day workshop with a much deeper understanding of Rust, WebAssembly and what it takes to integrate them into a modern Javascript App. You'll be able to create a setup or convert an existing Javascript build procedure to include Rust and WebAssembly. Further you'll gain a broader understanding of the space, which hopefully enables you to estimate whether this is a path worth pursuing for any particular project.

This workshop is hands-on, you will be doing most of the work yourself. This requires you to bring your own laptop, for which you must have admin-access and a recent, working Node & npm setup and should know yourself around Javascript. You will receive further instructions to prepare the rust environment prior to the workshop. Workshop and learning materials will be provided in English.

Your coaches will be Florian Gilcher & Benjamin Kampmann, who you might know from running RustFest and other Rust Workshops and Learning Events (with RustBridge, the Linux Hotel and OpenTechSchool).

Location to be decided.